Oratory Unit

  1. Public speech enhancing techniques. Communication is expressing what you want to say, using your particular personality and in such a way to appeal to the other. In other words, it is to express the personal character, the inner self by means of verbal language, and mostly gesture and emotive language, to appeal to the other. This work to achieve an efficient communication is full of obstacles: thought disorganisation, lack of confidence, fear of being ridiculed, lack of originality, etc. However, any obstacle can easily be tackled. With the system ATRACT TALKING the oratory art is easily learnt.
  2. Listen in an efficient manner: The best learning way to communicate is to listen. Listening efficiently is generally a difficult task. It requires several conditions: attention and concentration, an agile and flexible mind, have interest and be motivated to listen, respect the differences with the other, do not be in a rush, or under anxiety or stress pressure, comprehend what the other wants to say and the purpose to say it (his/her intentions). Everyone wants and needs to be listened with respect and courtesy. Would you like to know any secret to improve your listening? Would you like to assert your ideas without being disrespectful? These are the great challenges of EMPATHETIC LISTENING.