From 1991, we perform Fibroendoscopic surgery (CELF) for the treatment of voice and vocal tract disorders. ORL, Phoniatrics and Speech Therapist to boost the best therapeutic results form the Fibroendoscopic Phono-surgery team. It is a functional surgery performed in hospital with local anaesthesia controlled by an anaesthetist. We conduct surgery in the following cases:

  • Diagnostic CEFL otherwise known as Laryngeal palpation.
  • CEFL removal of foreign bodies and ingrowths.
  • CEFL for biopsy
  • CEFL infiltration of botulinum toxin in spasmodic Dysphonia. To infiltrate autological grease in unilateral recurrent paralysis. Cidofovir (Vistide®) in papilomathosis pharyngo-laryngeal, diverse medicines (antibiotics, corticoids), substances (grease, hyaluronic acid, etc) for the closure of spaces with partial laryngectomy or in Parkinson.
  • CEFL of abrasion and coagulation with ktp or contact laser.
  • CEFL to remove the laryngeal polyps, vocal nodules and other cordal injuries.
  • CEFL to stimulate the propioception of the pharynx-larynx-oesophagus.
  • CEFL to acces the nose and pharynx, specially laser adenoidectomy.