Voice Unit

  1. Dysphonia: Disphonia is usually the result of a long-term effort. The centre has researched and developed the Elastic Self-perceptive Method (Método Propioceptivo elástico PROEL). It has helped to obtain rapid progress and efficient results in voice conditions, in singer’s and actors voice.
  1. Erigmophonic voice in laringectomized patients: a laringectomized patient usually acquires erigmophonic voice in a relatively short period, within four weeks. For this purpose, it is necessary the early beginning of the rehabilitation, and the absence of any post-surgical aftermath, as it may be a hypertonia in the esophageal upper sphincter. Despite these post-surgical conditions, the use of sphincter dilators has improved the treatment of our patients. The implementation of the Therapeutic Immersion System based on the protocol 7×7 has demonstrated impressive results.