Patient’s guide

The Phoniatry and Speech Therapy Centre, by means of its specialised units, provides the following services:

  • Accurate diagnosis and specific treatment of communications disorders: from the voice, language and hearing problems.
  • Optimization, improvement and treatment of the oral functions: deglutition, malocclusion.
  • Improvement and optimisation of the voice in singers, actors and lecturers
  • Evaluation, treatment and counselling in learning disorders: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, language processing disorder, dysorthography, inattention etc. In children, families or schools.
  • The art to communicate impacting: the oratory to attract when talking.
  • Surgical solution to the individual vocal problem in case it is required Fibroendoscopic surgery, in which we are highly specialised.
  • Education of professionals through face-to-face or on-line courses, conferences, workshops, or any other tuition modality.
  • Research in any area of human communication, either normal or pathological.
  • Internships and placements in our Centre, through cooperation agreements with public and private entities.